A group of rescue dogs from Darlington Dog's Trust are looking for their forever homes.

The selection of dogs includes a range of breeds, ages and personalities, all with their unique requirements, making it important to match the right dog with the right home.

Here are 6 looking for a forever home:

Rolo -  Belgian Shepherd Dog crossThe Northern Echo: Rolo

Six-month-old Rolo, a Belgian Shepherd Dog cross, is seeking an active family who can mentally stimulate him.

His potential owners need to have plenty of time to dedicate to him.

Rolo is described as a "super clever lad" who would be an ideal fit for a family passionate about dog training.

Zena - Bulldog cross

The Northern Echo:

A very clever girl, Zena will need confident owners who can help her with socialisation around other dogs.

Adding to this, Zena will need to be only pooch in the house and walks will need to be without other dogs.

She loves to play but also enjoys her own space, and is able to live with children over 16.

The centre have said Zena would make a "fabulous addition" to the right family.

Patch - English Springer Spaniel

The Northern Echo:

This poor boy has had a difficult life and needs the right home who are willing to work with him and our rehabilitation trainers.

Patch is quite possessive of his toys after being deprived of them earlier in life and this will need to be managed.

The centre believe he would be best as the only dog in the home and have said he should be adopted into an adult-only home.

Kira - Belgian Shepherd cross

The Northern Echo:

A lovely young girl who is looking for a dedicated family to look after her, Kira cannot wait to find her forever home.

The centre have said she can share a home with another dog that enjoys calm play time, and staff believe a partner in crime could help her. 

An energetic, and at times overenthusiastic, dog, Kira is recommended to share a home with children aged 16 and over.

Adopters will be invited to meet Kira a few times at the centre before starting the process of home visits.

Polly - German Shepherd Dog cross

The Northern Echo: Polly

Polly, a German Shepherd Dog cross, would thrive in an environment with minimal visitors as she can get overwhelmed.

At just two years old, she requires an active family willing to carry out fun training sessions to help build her confidence.

Blue - Malinois

The Northern Echo:

Blue is an active, bouncy boy who would love a household to match his energy and exuberance.

The centre have recommended he go to a family with experience of the breed who can keep his mind busy with games and training.

Ideally, prospective owners should have a garden where he can enjoy his various activities.

Still a puppy at heart, this one-year-old would love to meet his forever family and enjoy his new life.

Anyone interested in adopting these 7 dogs can find out more here.