The family of a woman who suffered nasty injuries in a fall are appealing for two teenage boys to come forward for a reward after helping the beloved mother and grandmother.

Sharon Crook was out on a walk when she slipped and hit her head hard off a metal bench on the Black Path in Bishop Auckland.

After the head injur,y her recollection of events was a little foggy but she remembers two young boys, she guesses aged 13 or 14, rushing to help her.

Both boys stayed with the 69-year-old, helped with her cuts and called her husband to come and help her.

Sharon was taken to hospital and fortunately it was found that she didn't have any skull fractures.

Her daughter, Rachel Michelle, described how scary the incident was for her mum.

She said: "Mum has gone to Edinburgh with my Dad for a bit of time away.

"It happened on October 17 at 3.45pm on the Black Path in Bishop Auckland.

"She had been walking up there and she must have slipped and smashed her face off one of the metal benches.

"She was very lucky it didn't fracture her eye socket or cause any long term damage.

"She recalled two young lads coming straight to her to help.

"At a guess she thinks they were 13 or 14 years old.

"They both helped clean up her face with tissue, helped Mum call Dad and wouldn't leave until he arrived.

"It was during the half term when they weren't wearing uniforms so we're having difficulties getting in touch with them.

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"We just want to give them a small reward and say thank you.

"It could have been so much worse if she had been left there lying on the floor."

Rachel is happy to be contacted through Facebook if anyone knows who the boys are.