An award winning robotics pioneer has signed a groundbreaking $47million contract.

The three-year agreement for NETPark-based Wootzano is focused on robot sales across the state of California, solidifying its position as a key player in the technological transformation of the post-harvest sector in the US.

Its highly dexterous robotic system, Avarai, is crafted to supplement a struggling workforce in the packing of delicate, soft produce. The award-winning electronic skin provides greater sensory awareness to the robotic hands and enables it to know the precise force needed to delicately pick and pack soft produce.

The comprehensive contract underscores a long-term commitment and trust in Wootzano’s product to meet the evolving needs of the Californian market. The statewide impact of this initiative is expected to be far-reaching and contribute significantly to California’s economic growth.

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The partnerships anticipates the creation of new job opportunities to support the implementation, maintenance, and development of robotic systems in the agriculture sector.

Wootzano CEO Atif Syed said: “We are delighted to announce the triumphant conclusion of a pivotal contract valued at $47million, which not only supports our company’s growth trajectory but also highlights a significant breakthrough in addressing labour shortages within the agricultural sector.

“This transformative partnership has not only enhanced our operational capacities but will also result in the creation of numerous new jobs.

“As we chart our course ahead, we are confident that the positive ramifications of this collaboration will extend beyond our company’s boundaries, contributing to both economic growth and community well-being.”

The company was one of the first winners in the inaugural BUSINESSiQ Awards at Ramside Hall this year, taking home the New Business of the Year title.

The company told our audience: We’re delighted. The team has put so much effort in and has been really laser focused when it comes to work ethic and targets.

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“They’ve achieved so much in a few years, so it’s really really amazing.

“There a lot of great things about the North East and we don’t shout enough, so we’re starting to shout here.”

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