Alex Cunningham, Labour MP for Stockton, is raising a point of order in the House of Commons to get to the truth of the 's*******' saga.

Last week a clip emerged after Prime Minister's Questions that appeared to show the Home Secretary describing the North East town as a 's*******'.

Despite initially denying the claims Mr Cleverly eventually accepted that he had used unparliamentary language - but insists that he was talking about Mr Cunningham and not the town he represents.

Since the controversial statement was made there has been outcry from charities and politicians in the North East asking for a full apology.

The Stockton MP is today (November 27) raising a point of order which he hopes will enable him to get to the "truth" of the matter.

Mr Cunningham said: "I'm back in the Commons in the hope the Speaker will allow me a topical question so I can challenge the home secretary to tell the truth and apologise for his derogatory remark made about my constituency."

He was passed over for a topical question and stated: "I had hoped to challenge the Home Secretary directly on the derogatory remarks he made about my constituency last week at Home Office questions but wasn't called. Point of order coming up later this afternoon."

During an appearance on BBC Radio 4 PM programme the Labour MP explained that he doesn't feel like the apology has been genuine.

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He said: "He hasn’t made an apology to me. His apology is for using unparliamentary language.

"But I don’t want an apology for him claiming to have insulted me, I want an apology for the people of my communities."

Asked if he believed Mr Cleverly was now lying about the words he had used, Mr Cunningham told the programme: “My colleagues who actually saw the mouth move and hear the words come out, they believe he said that particular expression, and on that basis I don’t think he is a person fit for such high office and he really needs to consider what he is going to do about it.”