Action has been taken against a dog owner in County Durham after neighbourhood wardens spotted 54 piles of dog poo in their yard. 

A backyard in York Hill Crescent, Spennymoor, was littered with dog faeces until wardens from Durham County Council's team took "swift action". 

Durham County Council Neighbourhood Wardens South said: "54 piles of dog faeces - SW02 has been dealing with this location in York Hill Crescent, Spennymoor.

"Thankfully there was swift action taken once those responsible were advised of the concern.

"You can dispose of dog waste in your household rubbish bin, provided it is properly bagged.

"Please do not place dog waste in your household recycling bin as this will contaminate your recycling.

"To report any issues of waste in yards and gardens please call 03000 260000 or use the on line reporting system"

People were "shocked" by the affronting images of the yard. 

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One man said: "Surely the dogs were taken off of the owners."

Another added: "God knows what their house is like."

Somebody else quipped: "As if they have stood and counted them all!"