The Labour MP at the centre of a row about the Home Secretary’s use of “unparliamentary language” has said James Cleverly is not “fit for such high office”.

Mr Cleverly has since apologised after calling Labour MP Alex Cunningham “shit”, according to a source close to the Home Secretary.

It followed claims he called Mr Cunningham’s Stockton North constituency a “shithole” during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, Mr Cunningham said: “I simply don’t believe him.”

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He said Mr Cleverly should come to the Commons and apologise to the people of Stockton.

“He hasn’t made an apology to me. His apology is for using unparliamentary language.”

The MP added: “But I don’t want an apology for him claiming to have insulted me, I want an apology for the people of my communities.”

Asked if he believed Mr Cleverly was now lying about the words he had used, Mr Cunningham told the programme: “My colleagues who actually saw the mouth move and hear the words come out, they believe he said that particular expression, and on that basis I don’t think he is a person fit for such high office and he really needs to consider what he is going to do about it.”