Byker-based law firm Winn Group has delivered a strong financial performance at the half year, with turnover up 35 per cent at more than £142 million and EBIDA up 62 per cent at almost £17million.

Jeff Winn, Founder and Executive Chairman, said: “We have followed an exceptional year in 2022 by delivering another excellent financial performance during the first half of 2023. We have grown the business organically by delivering efficiency gains on existing protocol arrangements, as well as adding new partnerships with insurers.”

“We now have agreements with 50% of the motor market compared to 25% at the same point in 2022.”

Winn’s performance has been achieved against a background of challenging headwinds in the claims supply chain, especially motor, as Chris Birkett, Winn’s Chief Executive, said: “Government intervention in the claims market has created problems for many players, not least because fees have not risen anything like the level of inflation and neither have disbursements, which, coupled with the whiplash reforms, have led to a large number of practitioners exiting the market.

“There is a concern that government action has resulted in claims becoming uneconomic for firms to take on, especially minor claims, which threatens access to justice for citizens seeking redress after an accident.”

Winn’s commitment to technology and the belief in its potential to drive further growth and greater efficiency was marked by significant investment in the first half of the year. Winn signed one of its largest-ever IT contracts with Contact Systems, a leading contact centre technology provider.

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A partnership with Toca, a low-code enterprise development solution provider, has already yielded significant improvements in handling duration and claims processing, and Winn also engaged with Palladium, a prominent provider of digital transformation and management consulting services, to explore the potential of AI.

Chris Birkett said: “Standing still in this industry simply isn’t an option if you want to go on being successful. I am excited about the potential technology has for making this business even stronger and more efficient.”

“We continue to act as the employer of choice in this area of Newcastle and our employees make a significant contribution to the local economy.”