A Christmas appeal based in Darlington is asking for gift donations for children in need.

‘Silent Santa’ was a huge success in 2022, with hundreds of generous people in the Darlington community donating a total of 538 Christmas gifts. As a result, more than 500 children received presents last year, distributed by the local fire service.

This year, Silent Santa - whose identity still remains a very closely guarded secret - is asking for people to fill a shoe box or festive Christmas carrier bag for a child aged between four and 11. Simply mark the gift with the age of the child and whether it is intended for a girl or a boy, and fill it with festive goodies.

The Northern Echo: Some of the gifts donated to the Silent Santa appeal in Darlington last yearSome of the gifts donated to the Silent Santa appeal in Darlington last year (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

Gerald Lee, speaking on Santa’s behalf, said: “Your gift will be made in the true spirit of Christmas – giving without reward as you will not receive a thank you.

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"You will not see the child smile, but be reassured your gift will make a difference to a little one who would otherwise wake on Christmas morning with little to see.”

Make sure to send your donation is in before December 10, to give Santa time to sort and organise all of the presents. Please do not provide anything that contains nuts or is packaged in glass.

You can send your gift in or drop it off to 1 Greenhill Road, Heighington, DL5 6RN or contact Gerald.lee@darlington.gov.uk to arrange for the gift to be picked up from you.