Rats have been seen scurrying across a County Durham car park after food waste was dumped there, as enforcement officers have warned about fines for those responsible. 

A video of several rats moving through a car park in Pity Me, Durham, was circulated by Durham County's Council's neighbourhood wardens page as part of a warning to residents in the county. 

The Northern Echo: A rat in the Arnison Centre in Pity Me, DurhamA rat in the Arnison Centre in Pity Me, Durham (Image: DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL)

This incident was part of a wider littering crime, which had seen rubbish dumped at the Arnsion Centre in Durham. 

The Arnsion Centre might boast top names like Next, New Look, River Island and JD, but it did not prevent rats from being spotted there by neighbourhood wardens recently. 

The Northern Echo: The Arnison CentreThe Arnison Centre (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Alongside the video, Durham County Council's neighbourhood wardens also posted the caption: "Neighbourhood Wardens caught this little guy munching on some leftovers that someone had deposited in Arnison Centre, Pity Me - Durham today."

"Litter is a huge attraction to vermin and causes a detrimental effect to our local environment and can be harmful to wildlife.

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"Anyone who is caught littering will be issued with £150 Fixed Penalty Notice."

This is also the advice that the council have given:

  • Do not drop litter out of car/van windows as this can seriously affect highways, verges, the countryside and natural habitats for wildlife
  • Take litter home with you if you cannot find a public bin
  • Recycle where possible
  • Encourage children, friends, family and colleagues to get rid of litter correctly to keep County Durham clean and tidy.