A number of postcodes in the North East have won thousands of pounds in the postcode lottery over the last week (November 13-17) - check and see if you or any of your neighbours have won. 

6 streets have been drawn in the Postcode Lottery with North East residents taking home £1,000 per ticket.

The People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery which aims to raise money for charities while also bringing cash prizes to homes across the UK.

The People’s Postcode Lottery unveils daily prizes for postcodes across the UK including £30,000 jackpots for every winning ticket in a postcode on weekends, and £1,000 prizes for 20 different postcodes every day.

A minimum of 33 per cent of each ticket goes to charity and players have raised more than £950 million for over 9,000 charities and good causes since 2005.

Here's a list of those lucky postcodes that have taken home prizes this week:

TS26 9PW, Hartlepool - won £1,000 per ticket.

NE25 8JN, Whitley Bay - won £1,000 per ticket.


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DL16 7PP, Spennymoor - won £1,000 per ticket.

TS11 6NP, Redcar - won £1,000 per ticket.

SR2 9NJ, Sunderland - won £1,000 per ticket.

TS18 4HS, Stockton - won £1,000 per ticket.