A shoplifter who targeted a supermarket in Catterick Garrison and stole a suitcase at Darlington railway station has been jailed for his crimes.

David Joynes, 45, of no fixed address, was stopped and searched on the evening of Sunday November 12 by a Neighbourhood Policing Team in Catterick Garrison. 

He was found with £458 of stolen cosmetics from the nearby Tesco.

He was charged with shoplifting, as well as a theft in Darlington, and remanded in custody.

He appeared at York Magistrates Court yesterday. He pleaded guilty to the theft a the Catterick Garrison Tesco, as well as to a theft by finding at Darlington Station.

Magistrates were told on October 14, Joynes had stolen luggage and personal property of a person valued at about £971 at Darlington station. 

He was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail.

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A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "Stealing from shops is far from a victimless crime - it puts workers in fear, and could result in higher prices for the law-abiding majority.

"Anyone caught shoplifting in our area should expect to be dealt with robustly."