A motorist has been banned and fined after being caught driving at 151mph on a North Yorkshire motorway - the 'fastest ever seen' by police. 

Jorden Jay Barwick, 22, of Magnolia Way, Sowerby, near Thirsk has pleaded guilty to exceeding the motorway speed limit by driving at 151 miles per hour.

The offence was captured by a safety camera vehicle on the northbound carriageway of the A1 at Boroughbridge (junction 48) just before 11am on Friday, September 22.

To complicate matters, the vehicle, a Mercedes A45 AMG, was not displaying a front registration plate.

Following the offence, the images from the road safety camera, were used to trace the vehicle using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

The car was then stopped by a marked police car and the driver identified as Barwick.

North Yorkshire Police, acting traffic bureau manager Richard Fletcher, said: “Speed is involved in around one third of all fatal collisions, which is why it is important we identify and punish those caught speeding on the roads of North Yorkshire.

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“Barwick showed complete disregard for the safety of other road users when he chose to commit these offences. In fact, the speed he registered on our camera was the fastest we have ever seen, and we were determined to bring him to justice.”

Barwick pleaded guilty at Harrogate Magistrates Court on Tuesday (November 14).

Barwick was sentenced to a 12-month disqualification and a £369 fine, he was also ordered to pay £110 in costs and a £196 victim surcharge.