A Darlington mum says she's been living off soup for three years after her dodgy veneers fell out.

Kelly Hahn’s dreams of a beaming white smile turned into a nightmare when her veneers fell out more than ten times leaving her trapsing back and forth to the dentist for years.

One of the 44-year-old’s veneers once fell out in her sleep, and another came out when she bit into a banana, she said.

Kelly said: “I wanted to improve the appearance of my top teeth and Dr Histed advised me to have veneers on five teeth.

The Northern Echo: Kelly Hahn.Kelly Hahn. (Image: PR)

“The day after the veneers were first fitted, I went back to the practice as I wasn’t happy with the appearance of one of them.

“I was worried the veneers felt loose in my mouth and within months I had multiple veneers falling out and regularly had to attend the dentist to have them recemented.

“I’ve continued to experience issues with the veneers falling out over the last year.

“I’ve been living off soup for three years!

The Northern Echo: Signs of decay were found under the veneers.Signs of decay were found under the veneers. (Image: PR)

“I’m worried harder food will make them fall out again and my teeth are still very sensitive.

“I can’t eat crisps or bread. We had a roast dinner on Sunday, and I didn’t dare touch the lamb.

“It hit my self-confidence. It made me feel really depressed.”

The Northern Echo: Kelly Hahn.Kelly Hahn. (Image: PR)

At one point she was trapsing to the dentist every week with issues.

The full-time mum first went to Dr Histed, then working in Darlington, for an appointment in May 2016.

The Northern Echo: An x-ray shows gaps around the veneers.An x-ray shows gaps around the veneers. (Image: PR)

Frustrated with the issues Kelly turned to specialist lawyers in 2022, who managed to settle her case and win a £7,000 pay out in an out of court settlement.

The dentist involved did not admit liability.

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Tyla Westhead from the Dental Law Partnership, who settled her case, said: “The distress and discomfort our client has experienced was completely unnecessary. If the dentist involved had provided more satisfactory treatment, her problems could have been avoided.”

Kelly, who is now going to have to have the veneers replaced with crowns, added: “I don’t want veneers, it’s not worth it.

“I’m never ever getting veneers in my mouth again.”