A retail store selling surplus food products for a discounted price has been praised by Darlington MP Peter Gibson after figures reveal residents have saved about £4m through its retail model.

Company Shop on Haughton Road in Darlington has been selling big-name brands from Morrisons and Tesco products for discounted prices in an effort to avoid waste.

Since 2021, an estimated 1,681 tonnes of surplus food has been saved from waste through the store, given to be sold due to reasons including incorrect labelling or overproduction.

The Northern Echo: Darlington MP Peter Gibson in a visit to Company Shop.Darlington MP Peter Gibson in a visit to Company Shop. (Image: PETER GIBSON)

In a visit to the store, MP Peter Gibson noted the “vital support” the organisation is providing to local families during the cost of living crisis in a tour with Company Shop Group managing director Owen McLellan.

“It was excellent to visit Company Shop Darlington again and to see first-hand the vital support the store has been providing to our community. I thoroughly applaud its work to provide high-quality, heavily discounted food and products for hard-working families and those who need it most.

“Company Shop Group continually delivers positive impact across the country, leading the way on tackling unnecessary food waste and food insecurity.


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“It is an amazing way for people to access well-needed resources and I would encourage all of my eligible constituents to sign up for this useful membership.”

Owen McLellan, managing director at Company Shop Group, said: “We are pleased to have welcomed Mr Gibson back to our Darlington store and to show him the excellent work taking place to support his constituents, with the support of the food industry.

“We know this continues to be a challenging time for families financially, especially in the run up to Christmas, so I would really encourage anyone who lives locally and is eligible to sign up as soon as possible, so they too can make the most of our low prices.”