Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen's annual report has been “unanimously” endorsed by watchdogs after findings detailed “sweeping safety improvements” over the space of a year.

Commissioner Allen has confessed she is “proud” of the progress made in the police force in 2022-23 as the report is endorsed, with headline figures revealing that anti-social behaviour incidents fell by 30 per cent, which is equivalent to 6,000 offences.

Other figures state Durham Constabulary has also seized more than 285kg of drugs – 100kg more than the previous year and burglary rates have fallen by more than three per cent.

The Northern Echo: PCC Joy Allen.PCC Joy Allen. (Image: PCC)

Operation Snap whereby motorists submit dashcam footage to the police for analysis was also noted and has received nearly 500 submissions since the start of the year.

Commissioner Allen said: “I am proud of the progress that has been made despite having lost a full year of my term due to the delayed election.

“None of the success would have been possible without the hard work of the Chief Constable, officers, staff, volunteers and our many partners. Durham remains one of the one of the best-performing forces in the country – a position I am determined to maintain.

“I know how much our communities appreciate the increased visibility on our streets, the stronger response to issues that matter to them and the extra resources and training to help officers do their jobs better.

“They have made the improvements contained in this report possible.”


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The report comes ahead of the rollout of a £1.5m telephony platform as well as a ‘Single Online Home’ which would allow the public to upload CCTV of incidents for investigation.

She added: “In a changing world, I am proud of everything that has already been achieved and look forward to further success over the coming year.

“I remain on track to deliver my full plan and will continue to listen and serve the public to deliver on the issues that concern them most.”