A man was arrested on suspicion of stealing grills from a BMW in Middlesbrough town centre during the football match on Saturday. 

Plain-clothed officers patrolling the town centre during the Middlesbrough/Leicester City match stopped the suspect on the town's Tower Green, where they made the arrest. 

Police also seized a van after it was suspected the vehicle was used in a crime. 

 A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: "A man was arrested as plain-clothed police officers patrolled Middlesbrough town centre area on Saturday (11th November).

"Proactive team officers in the area of Middlesbrough football ground during the match on Saturday conducted patrols, paying particular attention to vehicle crime.

"A man was stopped on Tower Green as the match was ongoing, after being suspected of stealing grills from a BMW.

"A 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of three counts of theft from a vehicle and handling stolen goods. He was bailed whilst enquiries continue."

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A van was also seized after being suspected of being used in crime.

Officers will continue to carry out plain clothed patrols on match days as part of their regular proactive patrols, not only to keep people safe but also protect property and vehicles.