A Durham musician and songwriter is gearing up for a festive season full of hope, as he sets his sights on achieving the Christmas number one spot with his heart-warming and self-penned song, "Christmas With You."

"Christmas With You" is a labour of love from Paul Martin, who spent several years "perfecting" the tune.

He said: "I initially wrote the first part of the song around five years ago and then added another section two years later.

"I then had the privilege of collaborating with two incredibly talented musicians, Tom Cantwell and Caroline Guirr a husband-and-wife duo with a lifelong background in music education and a diverse set of instrumental skills."

The Northern Echo: Paul MartinPaul Martin (Image: PAUL MARTIN)

The song captures the essence of Christmas with an Irish twist, according to Paul, with the song also featuring elements like fast violin and an upbeat rhythm.

Mr Martin added: "I gave the song to Tom and Caroline with the idea of infusing it with an Irish feel.

"They came back with a captivating vibe and an infectious drumbeat that perfectly matched my vision. They handled the production and recording, making it come to life."

"We wanted to create a beautiful, fun, and family-friendly Christmas song.

"The lyrics centre around the joy of spending the holiday season with loved ones. I believe we've achieved that, and I couldn't be happier with the result."

Paul Martin's musical journey began at a young age, and he has pursued his passion for music throughout his life. 

After his early music endeavours, Paul took his talents to Tenerife and Majorca, performing professionally. However, in recent years, he has ventured back into the world of original music under the names "#Karma”, and the Geordie singer, finding newfound success and happiness in his musical journey.

He added: "It's got to make you smile and evoke the emotions of Christmas. It should be a song you look forward to listening to year after year, becoming a part of your holiday tradition.

"In my opinion, the benchmark for the perfect Christmas song is 'Wizard' from the 70s."

 "The 70s and 80s were golden decades for Christmas music. Unfortunately, in recent years, the importance of the Christmas number one has been diluted, and it's no longer the coveted prize it once was.

"Shows like The X Factor played a role in changing the landscape. We need more songs like those recorded by 'Wizzard' that captivate and transport us into the Christmas spirit."

"I've been making music and writing songs since I was a pre-teen. I left school to study musical theatre and drama at college, which eventually led me to form a trio called 'Crying Out Loud.'

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"While we didn't break into the mainstream charts, we had some success and even reached the final of the Jonathan Ross Show in '97, performing two original songs that I had written."

"Christmas With You" is Paul Martin's latest contribution to the world of music, and he hopes it will become a cherished addition to holiday playlists everywhere.

He is also available to perform the song at Christmas light switch ons throughout the north east.