The North East may see a dusting of snow this month, as the Met Office has predicted that temperatures could drop across the UK.

Weather forecasters have warned that snow in some parts of the country is likely later this month as a low-pressure front from the north could bring wintry conditions.

From Saturday November 18, weather maps from WX Charts show snow could be hitting the UK.

The Northern Echo: Weather services have had their say about whether snow will hit the North East in November Weather services have had their say about whether snow will hit the North East in November (Image: PA MEDIA)

According to Netweather forecaster Ian Simpson, next week's weather will be "unsettled" as "low pressure will tend to be centred to the north-west of the British Isles".

He writes that snow will be "generally restricted to high ground", adding "it will be north-western Britain that will be wettest".

"Widespread snowy conditions are also likely to accompany these wintry blasts and put us in a winter wonderland on a number of occasions."

The Northern Echo: Snow tracks on the roads of the North EastSnow tracks on the roads of the North East (Image: PA MEDIA)

But the Met Office remains unconvinced, with no mention of the white stuff in its medium or long-range forecasts for the penultimate month of the year - or December.

Looking ahead to late November, the BBC outlook says: "Late November should see a similar pattern lingering, with a low pressure track from the east Atlantic towards or north of the UK, while high pressure across the near-continent occasionally pushes northwards. As a result, the UK should remain under mild air but often windy flow, with temperatures generally remaining above the November average.

"Secondly, this should put the wettest and windiest conditions over the northern UK, probably Northern Ireland and northern and western Scotland in particular, while southern and eastern areas could have a higher chance of drier periods, albeit with occasional rain still likely.

"The end of the month and early December are showing hints of high pressure building, so there could be higher chances of some drier weather in most areas. However, this is unlikely to last that long. Daytime temperatures should be near or above average, while some nights could be seasonably chilly."

James Madden, an Exacta weather meteorologist, said from the middle of the month there is an increased chance that temperatures could plummet to below-freezing. 

He said: "Conditions do appear extremely favourable for a number of more potent wintry blasts to occur throughout January and into February, and these could turn out to be quite prolonged in nature, and for at least a week or two at a time.

The first frost of the season arrived early last month ahead of storms Babet and Ciarán which brought gale-force winds and rainfall to the North East. 

A Met Office spokeswoman said that while the weather in the coming weeks is staying "fairly unsettled", the region is more likely to see further showers and average temperatures heading into December.

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However, Mr Madden added: "As a low-pressure band from the north descends, it could usher in colder temperatures, particularly impacting higher areas with possibly significant snowfall.

"This prediction aligns with a recent warning from the Met Office about impending wintry weather.

"While these are early predictions and the winter weather outlook can significantly change, the consensus among weather forecasters is a possibility of snowfall in the UK this winter."