Over time, the North East has always been a popular location to film in for TV and movies thanks to its stunning views, unique areas and quaint towns and villages.

Major Holywood stars have filmed in the area, with hit mainstream TV shows also filming much of their scenes in the region, while it has also played host to a range of independent productions

Here we take a look at some of the biggest and best shows that have been shot, or partly shot, in the North East:


The Northern Echo: Vera films in Hartlepool Vera films in Hartlepool (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

We start off with a firm favourite and one that nearly always films in the North East. Now on its 13th series, the detective show has gone from strength to strength and is one of the biggest crime shows on television. 

The lead character, played by Brenda Blethyn, always films across the North East, with the most recent series of Vera using Redcar, Hartlepool, Gateshead, Hexham and parts of Northumberland among others. 

We always find it a delight to see North East locations on TV through Vera episodes.

Boat Story

The Northern Echo: A boat appears on Redcar BeachA boat appears on Redcar Beach (Image: RAY SIMPSON)

Back in November 2022, an old boat popped up on Redcar beach, with locals curious to know what was happening. 

It turns out that it was for a TV programme called ‘Boat Story’.

Boat Story features unsuspecting leads Janet and Samuel – played by Daisy Haggard and Paterson Joseph - as they discover a haul of illegal drugs found on a shipwrecked boat.

After The Flood

The Northern Echo: Crew filming After The FloodCrew filming After The Flood (Image: TERRY BLACKBURN)

ITV drama After the Flood used parts of Teesside to film scenes.

The production crew was spotted filming at Tees Barrage in June this year.

The compelling drama is written by BAFTA nominated writer and actor Mick Ford who is known for his work on Stay Close, Living the Dream and The Stranger.

After The Flood will premiere on ITV1 and ITVX.

After the Flood is a mystery thriller set in a town hit by a devastating flood.

When an unidentified man is found dead in a lift in an underground car park police assume he became trapped as the waters rose, and as the investigation unfolds PC Joanna Marshall, played by Sophie Rundle, becomes obsessed with discovering what happened to him.

The mystery unfolds across the series while we also see the real impact of climate change on the lives of residents in this small town.

Give Them Wings

The Northern Echo: A scene from Give Them WingsA scene from Give Them Wings (Image: GIVE THEM WINGS)

Give Them Wings was filmed in various locations across Darlington and County Durham in 2019, and since then has gained national and international recognition.

Give Them Wings is written by Paul Hodgson and produced by GTW Productions Ltd and directed by Sean Cronin.

The film celebrates the life of disabled Darlington F.C. fan Paul Hodgson based on an adaptation of his bestselling autobiography Flipper’s Side that came out in 2000.

The Old Oak

The Northern Echo: A scene from The Old OakA scene from The Old Oak (Image: THE OLD OAK)

Starring Dave Turner and newcomer Ebla Mari, and filmed by Ken Loach, The Old Oak had its World Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival 2023, and was released nationwide in UK & Irish cinemas on September 29, this year - but the filming of it was much more local.

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Shooting occurred across County Durham last year in locations including Murton, Easington Colliery and Horden.

"The film follows the story of TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner), the landlord who is hanging on to The Old Oak by his fingertips, and his predicament is endangered even more when the pub becomes contested territory after the arrival of Syrian refugees who are placed in the village without any notice.

TJ meets a curious young Syrian Yara [Ebla Mari] with her camera in an unlikely friendship. Can they find a way for the two communities to understand each other?