A cannabis farm believed to be worth about £50,000 has been seized after a police drone detected an unusual heat source at a property in Middlesbrough.

Officers from the Proactive Team attended an address on Falkland Street and found about 60 cannabis plants in the property along with equipment.

The electricity had been bypassed and the property was made safe by colleagues from the electricity board.The Northern Echo:

Proactive Team Sergeant John Sproson said: “We are extremely pleased to have stopped these drugs from potentially getting onto the streets of Middlesbrough.

"Often finding a cannabis farm can stop potential organised criminal gangs from exploiting people into growing farms for their own financial gain.

“We would always urge anyone who might have information regarding cannabis farms or drugs activity in their area to contact us so that this can be acted upon, and we can stop further dangerous drugs from getting into our towns.”

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Signs that might indicate a premises is being used as a cannabis farm can include:

  • During autumn and winter, signs can include pigeons congregating on the warm roof, or frost/snow clearing quicker than neighbouring properties which can indicate a heat source
  • The property might look empty or unlived in
  • People and vehicles coming and going during the day and night Large boxes, pipes, lighting equipment, plastic sheeting, bags of fertilizer or building materials are seen going into the premises at different times
  • Fans which might be seen or heard by neighbours
  • A smell of the plants on occasion which comes and goes Building work going on inside the premises