Have you ever wondered how some of Darlington's busiest roads would look if they were designed for pedestrians and cyclists?

Now we know, thanks to a new AI bot from the Netherlands.

The artificial intelligence tool from Dutch Cycling Lifestyle takes a road address anywhere in the world, scans the Google street view and pushes out four alternative images from a seemingly carless future populated by people and bikes.

Here are several well-known roads in Darlington, re-imagined without cars:

Coniscliffe Road

The Northern Echo:

Despite the road only being one way and part of it becoming a seating area for some of the bars down the road, it still has plenty of traffic travelling down. 

The bot has sucked all the cars and vans out of this snap, taken just outside Orb on Coniscliffe Road, and replaced the tarmac with a tiled pavement that is lined by saplings and trees.

There are some pedestrians visible in the distance, towards Grange Road.

Grange Road

The Northern Echo:

Here, the AI has replaced parked cars with a thick row of shrubbery and orange and yellow flowers with enough colour to give even the cloudy Darlington sky a splash of summer.

A cyclist can be seen on the 'newly paved' road that AI has created.

Woodland Road

The Northern Echo:

This is one of Darlington's main arteries, running towards the town centre, the hospital and residential streets.

To replace the roads and crossings, one big cycle path with floral arrangements now adorns the AI Woodland Road. 

Yarm Road

The Northern Echo:

One of the main routes out of Darlington, both sides of the road have been scrapped and replaced with trees, a hedge and plants.

Anything is possible in this AI's world.

To generate your own images, visit www.dutchcyclinglifestyle.com/imagine and enter your address.