Images of a drunk driver who flipped their car on its roof have been shared by police as a cautionary tale to people who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Sharing images of the devastating crash, which shows the car's contents strewn across the road, Durham Armed and Roads Policing team has issued advice and warnings to motorists.

The incident, which happened in Seaham, saw the car on its roof and the driver was arrested at the scene.

The Northern Echo: The upside-down car on the road in SeahamThe upside-down car on the road in Seaham (Image: DURHAM RPU)

In a post on its social media page, the armed and roads policing team said: "We say it time and again - don’t drink and drive.

"This image is the very real consequence of someone failing to do that, following a one-vehicle collision in the early hours of today, near Seaham.

"We are thankful to report that the single occupant of this vehicle has escaped this collision with what appear to be (at this time) relatively minor injuries.

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The post added: "Thanks to fire, ambulance and wider NHS colleagues for their help & support, alongside our Policing teams and the council.

"Don’t drink and drive. Please.

"Driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene following a positive roadside breath test. They have also been safeguarded and supported for other issues."