A venomous snake has been spotted on the edge of a County Durham village and a warning has been issued to members of the public and pet owners.

The sighting, which took place in Frosterley, saw a walker see an adder in grassland and spot suggestions of several more nearby.

The person who spotted the snake over the weekend, who wished to remain anonymous, shared the images with The Northern Echo and has expressed their shock at seeing an adder close to the village.

The Northern Echo: A close up of the adderA close up of the adder (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

In the close-up images, the snake can be seen rearing its head towards the camera, while another image with the adder curled round on itself can also be seen.

This is the 14th sighting of adders in the North East this year, which have been mapped by a nature agency. 

The Northern Echo: An adder in the grassland near FrosterleyAn adder in the grassland near Frosterley (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

Within the locations for the spotting of snakes, Consett, Stanhope, Battersby, and another adder up near Edmundbyers are included.

Alongside the map, some advice has been shared for both adder bites, which can affect both pets and humans, making them particularly worrisome to dog walkers.

How poisonous are adders?

Adders are famous for being the UK's only venomous snake but while the bite can be painful and cause inflammation, there is generally very little danger to humans.

The Northern Echo: The adder rearing its head in the grasslandThe adder rearing its head in the grassland (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

The bite can be very dangerous to very young, ill or old people.

Medical attention should be sought immediately if conditions worsen.

What you should do if you're bitten by an adder?

According to the NHS website, those who have been bitten by an adder should remain calm as most snake bites in the UK are not serious.

They should then keep the affected part of the body still and lie in the recovery position before taking paracetamol for the pain.

Remembering the colour pattern of the snake is also advisable so the doctor can treat the bite better.

Victims of snake bites should also remove any jewellery and loosen the clothes around the bite in case of swelling.

It is advised that they stay away from the snake, avoid sucking the poison out of the bite and completely avoid the use of aspirin or ibuprofen as these may make the bleeding worse.

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a snake you should call 999 or visit A&E immediately.

What should you do if your dog is bitten by an adder?

According to the experts are Kennel Store, dog owners should remain calm to help their dogs.

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They should then try and remember what the snake looks like or take a photograph of it, so the bite can be treated more effectively.

Owners should keep their dog as still as possible to prevent the venom from spreading and avoid touching the bite (even if applying bandages or dressing).

You should then call your vet to inform them of the situation before bringing them to it.