As the holidays draw ever closer and the winter cold sets in, many are looking for a great place to grab a bite, have a chat and enjoy the year as it winds down.

After again looking online, consulting residents, and discussing with various colleagues in the Echo's Darlington office, we have compiled a list of some more of our favourite places to grab a bite (or drink) in the town centre.

While this is not a definitive ranking of the best places to grab lunch in Darlington, all of the eateries featured on this list provide some good grub.

With that being said, here are six of the best places to grab lunch in Darlington town centre.

The Bumble Crumble

The Northern Echo:

This business is located in the Darlington Indoor Market and has proved popular in its short time open.

A favourite of many at the office and a venue whose popularity has burgeoned since its opening in June this year, The Bumble Crumble offers up decadent crumbles to its customers.

Some in the office have tended to overindulge in the eatery's offerings, sometimes suffering from a 'crumble coma' after their eyes got a bit too big for their stomach.

It offers a variety of crumble toppings and can be paired with both ice cream and custard, and even meringue pieces of you are feeling daring.

Our designated 'crumble connoisseur' Amy Smith gave a rave review of the establishment's "downright gorgeous" crumble.

You can read more here.


Another denizen of the Indoor Market, Sides offers brunch with a twist, including burgers, sandwiches and a wide range of side dishes.

A spokesperson for Sides said 90 per cent of all food sold at by the vendor is homemade.

They have pledged that all items will be sourced from the "best suppliers" and sourced locally where possible.

They have also promised “restaurant-quality food in cardboard containers” from the business which will open in the street food hall.


The Northern Echo:

This Asian Fusion restaurant is ranked #2 on TripAdvisor for best restaurants in Darlington and is located on Gladstone Street.

It is open 12 and 3:30pm every day and offers a mix of Chinese and Thai dishes.

One resident said: "The food was amazing.

"My favourite was the peanut sauce, to die for, but overall the service was 5/5.

"Would recommend here and now has become our usual Sunday eating spot."

Spud Gun Loaded Fries

Another big favourite in the office, the stall offers delicious loaded fries and incredible smash burgers.

Among the choices on offer, customers can tuck into their pizza-loaded fries, Chorizo Patatas Bravas fries, and chilli cheese fries.

Our resident 'crumble' and now 'loaded fries' expert, Amy Smith, said "The pizza fries rival pizza itself. Generous portions and reasonably priced. 

"If you can try one burger, try the PB&J."

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Casa Della Pasta

The Northern Echo:

To round off the list, we have this pasta specialist on Skinnergate, who prepare the food in front of customers so they can be assured of the quality.

Our reporter described the food as "simple and tasty" with a friendly and fast service.

They said: "You can’t go wrong with a big bowl of pasta for £6.50 or less."

The eatery also offers salads, sandwiches, fries, and coffee for those looking to mix up their order.

If you feel we've missed any of your favourite places to grab a bite, be sure to let us know and we will do our best to give them a go.