A former police officer could be barred from working for any other force in the country after being convicted of assaulting his ex-partner.

Russell Beckett is facing a second disciplinary hearing after a mistake in crucial evidence resulted in a verdict of not proven in his first hearing last April.

In that misconduct hearing, he was accused of hiding and disposing of a mobile phone which should have been surrendered to investigators, following the report of a domestic incident at his Teesside home in October 2019.

Since then, the former Cleveland Police officer was found guilty following a trial of assaulting three people, including his ex and her new partner in March last year.

He was made subject of a 12-month community order and told to complete 150 hours of unpaid work. Restraining orders were also made to prevent Beckett contacting his ex or her new partner following his sentencing in November 2022.

In the second disciplinary hearing, the former officer is alleged to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of the following: Three breaches of discreditable conduct Police Officers will behave in a manner, whether on or off duty, which does not bring discredit on the police service or undermine public confidence in policing. Police Officers will report any action taken against them for a criminal offence, any conditions imposed on them by a court and the receipt of any penalty notice.

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And one breach of Honest and Integrity - integrity only Police Officers will be honest and act with integrity at all times and will not compromise or abuse their position.

The force website reads: “The above breaches relate to the officer being criminally convicted at court for committing the common assaults against members of the public and being subject to a restraining order.

“In acting this way, it is alleged that Former PC Beckett breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour listed above and that his conduct, if proven, amounts individually or collectively to gross misconduct and would have been so serious as to justify dismissal.”

The ex-officer will be subject to an Accelerated Misconduct Hearing at Scotswood House, Thornaby Place, Stockton on Tuesday, October 31.