Residents in the North East and North Yorkshire might notice an increase in noise overhead in the next few weeks after an RAF base said that it would be running '24-hour' flight operations at times.

From the start of November, an increase in aircraft will be seen at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire in the build-up to Christmas, due to more exercises being carried out at the facility. 

Despite multiple RAF jets being seen over the North East and North Yorkshire over the last few months, RAF Leeming has now put out an advanced notice to members of the public about low-flying and some 24-hour flight operations. 

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The RAF base has put out a warning to members of the public, due to an increase in noise and movement, which could include flying over houses, sometimes in the early hours of the morning. 

The Northern Echo: An RAF jet flying over the North EastAn RAF jet flying over the North East (Image: CONTRIBUTOR)

It's understood that this increase in flights from the RAF base will be in addition to the normal activity at RAF Leeming, and will see numerous more jets fly in and out of the North Yorkshire facility. 

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Putting the message to communities online earlier this week, RAF Leeming said: "The Station is about to enter a period of significant additional aircraft movement, with several exercises operating from here in the run-up to Christmas.

"From the beginning of November, RAF Leeming will host multiple aircraft types for sorties which will include low flying and some periods of 24-hour operation.

"We understand our responsibility as good neighbours to inform the local community of movements which are additional to our normal flying activity and every effort will be made to keep the disturbance to a minimum."