Durham Police have announced new powers which will let them seize vehicles causing anti-social behaviour without warning.

Ferryhill and Spennymoor officers have been putting out signs in areas most known for anti-social behaviour.

Spennymoor Town Council and Durham County Council have welcomed the decision.

Potential seizures will include quad bikes and off-road bikes.

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The signs being put up read: "WARNING.

"Anti-social use of motorised vehicles will lead to further action being taken.

"Vehicles will be seized without further warning."

A statement by Spennymoor and Ferryhill Police said: "Police now have the power to seize any vehicles causing anti-social behaviour without issuing an initial warning.

"Signs have been placed in areas noted for anti-social behaviour involving off-road bikes and quads.

"This has been welcomed and supported by Spennymoor Town Council and Durham County Council."

This comes a month after a video showed a quadbike speeding past children in the area.

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As one of the children plays, the quadbike just narrowly misses them before they run to safety.

A spokesperson for Durham County Council Neighbourhood Wardens previously said: “Thankfully one of the small children ran to a safe place or this may have been a completely different outcome.

“The location where they were endangering live is a built-up housing estate, near to a children’s park and supported living accommodation.”