A couple have made a heartwarming gesture towards the trainee doctor who helped deliver their baby after naming the newborn after him. 

As Wolviston partners Laura and Arron Gardiner looked to the birth of their second child, they hadn’t planned on a middle name.

But that all changed when they met one trainee doctor who assisted Laura with her delivery.

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Pub manager Laura, 30, arrived at the University Hospital of North Tees with her husband Arron, 30, a self-employed electrician at Copperlink Ltd, in August to welcome their second child to the world.

Following a difficult first birth and a series of miscarriages, Laura opted for an elective caesarean section to give birth to their son, Rory.

The Northern Echo: After the birth of baby RoryAfter the birth of baby Rory (Image: NORTH TEES NHS)

Assisting with her procedure were anaesthetics trainee Dr Wes Channell and consultant anaesthetist Dr Pradeep Orakkan.

Mum Laura said: “The morning we went in for my C-section, I found out that I had pre-eclampsia.

The Northern Echo: Baby Rory in the hospital Baby Rory in the hospital (Image: NORTH TEES NHS)

"It’s a weird experience anyway going into surgery to give birth but after my first birth experience and with the pre-eclampsia as well, I was getting more and more nervous.

“We went into surgery on time, as scheduled. And the team in surgery were just so reassuring – Wes especially.

The Northern Echo: Wes ChannellWes Channell (Image: NORTH TEES NHS)

“I met Wes before the operation and he talked me through everything and kept me reassured throughout. He was just really lovely and did everything he could to calm me down.”

Undecided on a middle name for baby Rory, the couple’s birth experience was so positive that they opted to name him after Dr Channell.

The Northern Echo: The Gardiner family back at homeThe Gardiner family back at home (Image: NORTH TEES NHS)

Weighing 5lb 13oz, Rory Wes Gardiner was born on Thursday, August 10.

Mrs Gardiner added: “I didn’t even know Wes’ name at the time I was having the surgery. A member of staff told us his name later and it just felt right – we decided to use it as Rory’s middle name.

“We didn’t really have a middle name in mind before Rory was born – it probably wouldn’t have been Wes though. It wouldn’t have even crossed our minds.”

Rory is now settled in at home with his big sister, two-year-old Mabel, having put on a healthy amount of weight.

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28-year-old anaesthetics trainee Wes has been in his role for two years and started his position at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust earlier this year.

He said: “All we really want as anaesthetists is for patients to be happy and comfortable and have a good experience so I’m delighted Laura and Arron had such a positive experience.

“To have a baby named after you on top of that is certainly a career-defining moment. It’s fantastic.”