Thousands of Barclays customers have been left frustrated after being left unable to access their online banking.

The bank’s app has been hit with outages throughout the day, with customers noticing issues with the service.

More than 2,000 customers reported the problems, which appear to have started at around 10am, on DownDetector.

Barclays have issued an apology to customers following the outage to their mobile banking app.

In a social media statement, the bank said: "We're so sorry you're still not able to use our app or Online Banking.

"We're very busy over the phone at the moment - we appreciate your patience whilst we're working to get everything back up and running.

"You can also use your cards and cash machines as normal.

"Thanks for continuing to bear with us."

Customers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their frustrations with the outages.

One said: “My mobile and online banking is down, been down quite a few hours now. Cannot log in to mobile so tried online but wants me to use mobile to confirm its me.... I cant its down. Sort the problem quick I need to transfer some money.”

While another added: “Mobile banking down, online banking down, Barclays system status page down. Telephone banking refers me to online banking - wow! such poor service, not even the obligatory txt warning.”

And a third said: “app not working, PC not working, even Barclays own service status not working! We expect better Barclays!

“Barclays service status now working again.... although the 'message me when fixed' function is not.”