North East entrepreneur Sara Davies has recounted a humorous encounter with Prince William two days before she gave birth. 

The County Durham businesswoman, who hails from Coundon, stars in Dragons Den, and has had appearances on BBC shows Strictly Come Dancing and The Wedding Planner. 

But, speaking on Kate Thornton’s Podcast White Wine Question Time on Friday (October 13), it was during a time before her BBC appearances that made the pair howl with laughter. 

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During the podcast, the businesswoman opened up about receiving an MBA certificate from the Prince during a graduation ceremony while she was pregnant with one of her children. 

In the podcast segment, she described 'waddling' towards Prince William, due to her pregnancy, before the Royal mentioned how big the baby bump was. 

The Northern Echo: Sara DaviesSara Davies (Image: PA MEDIA)

Speaking on the White Wine Question Time podcast, she said: "I had a 50-pound bump as I waddled up to Prince William, and you're not allowed to turn your back on royalty.

The Northern Echo: Prince WilliamPrince William (Image: PA MEDIA)

"So, when I went up to get my MBA, I had to waddle up to him, curtsy, and then I had to waddle backwards again. 

"As I waddled up to him, he says to me first of all, ‘Wow, that looks like it's coming soon’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, it really is; this week’. I actually went on to give birth two days later."

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The story is then made better after the Dragons Den star reveals that it was one of her inventions that they started chatting about, while Mrs Davies admits that she should have been a lot more 'quick-witted' with the Prince. 

She added: "After saying my bump was tremendously big, he said to me, ‘That enveloper you invented, that's a great product, isn't it?’ and I was so taken aback because in my head I was thinking, ‘oh, my God, has Prince William been watching me on the shopping channels?‘ and obviously someone's just prepared a really good briefing pack. 

"I look back now and one of my biggest regrets in life is that I'm not quick-witted enough to have said something to him like, ‘Oh, does your grandma make cards like’, wish I had that moment again that's what I would’ve said, ‘Does your grandma make cards?’"