Residents of Darlington have voiced frustrations over problematic parking areas within the town.

It can often be frustrating to find a parking spot if you don't have a driveway or dedicated parking spot, with it becoming a 'free-for-all' in communal parking and on-street parking. 

 With parking fines being handed out for inconsiderate parking, some don't want to risk parking down certain roads, while others have taken to avoiding certain places because of the parking situations. 

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While we know that parking can be frustrating, The Northern Echo asked its readers about some of the problem parking areas in the town to determine some of the worst, and the results are in. 

The Northern Echo: Duke StreetDuke Street (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Some people may have joked that all of the Darlington roads are awful to park, while others remarked that near schools were the worst, due to parents picking up their kids, others highlighted their own streets or neighbouring ones as the 'worst'. 

The Northern Echo: Woodland RoadWoodland Road (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Locations highlighted for scrutiny include Rydal Road, Beachwood, Parkside opposite South Park, Tower Road, Middleham Road, Woodland Road, Vine Street, Pease Street, Greenbank Road, Greencroft Close, Duke Street, Clifton Road, and Stanhope Road.

All of the roads listed had at least three people each complain about them, including near South Park, which attracts people year-round to both visit the park's facilities and attend events. 

What did people have to say about the parking?

In the comments section, a local resident highlighted the issues faced in Parkside, opposite South Park.

According to them, inconsiderate drivers flock to the area during 'certain weekly events', clogging up both sides of the road.

The Northern Echo: ParksideParkside (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

These individuals also park on the grass verge in front of her parents' home, sometimes even blocking their driveway, according to the resident.

Another person highlighted school starting and finishing times, pinpointing these as the most troublesome periods, with one person commenting that they are often told that she "shouldn't have moved near a school."

The Northern Echo: Greenbank RoadGreenbank Road (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Meanwhile, one person noted that hospital staff have begun parking on Tower Road from morning until evening, with their vehicles remaining there for extended periods.

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Another issue that faced people was the behaviour of drivers making it "a nightmare for anyone with wheelchairs or pushchairs" as pedestrians are often forced to use the road due to blocked pavements.

While the locations varied, one common thread was clear; residents were demanding action.

Whether the issues lie in residential areas, near schools, or around healthcare facilities, the residents of Darlington are crying out for effective strategies that will put an end to their parking nightmares.