A County Durham businessman has revealed how he tried ending his own life after opening up about his own mental health struggles over the years.

In a dramatic interview, business coach Ian Kinnery opened up about the mental health issues that drove him to the brink of suicide.

He told the PRsonal podcast how, at his lowest ebb, he attempted vehicular suicide – only to wake up several hours later.

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“The presumption is that there was a thought that stopped me going through with it,” he told PRsonal host Charlotte Nichols.

“I screwed it up. I went through with it, and I woke up and was still alive - It was either good luck or bad luck, depending on which way you look at it.”

He’s now bravely gone public with his previous battle with depression to raise awareness around a new campaign to help business leaders struggling with mental health issues.

The campaign – ‘Save the Entrepreneur’ – has been launched after data showed that 63 per cent of entrepreneurs admitted to neglecting their mental health for the sake of success.

Generally, the North East has the grim accolade of being the UK’s suicide capital.

Office of National Statistics figures show that over 300 people in the region took their own lives last year – an average of one every 27 hours.

And addressing his own brush with depression, which occurred several years ago, Ian told the podcast about the methodical steps he took to ensure nothing would stop him from ending his life.

However, in a twist of fate, he hadn’t realised his new vehicle had a catalytic convertor – which ultimately stopped him from taking his life.

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After he survived, he received treatment at a secure facility before bouncing back.

He’s since gone on to find success as The Scale-Up Coach, developing and mentoring business figures across the region. 

Having lived to tell his tale, Ian’s desperate to help steer as many people as possible from embarking down the same dark path that led him to attempt suicide - with a clear message to those already on the brink.

“I absolutely understand the pain. I understand the feeling that is the only way out,” he told the podcast.

“Talk to somebody, hang fire – even just delay it for 24 hours – just give yourself the chance.

“I’m just so grateful it never happened.”