A North East market trader who recently bumped into ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne has been inspired by the chance meeting after creating a pie that he thinks 'Gazza' would approve of. 

John The Pieman, who runs the business Just Love Pies, is a staple at Stockton Market, selling his tasty food items each week - but has now made a new and unique item after meeting the former Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Rangers and Tottenham player. 

On Saturday (September 30), John was selling his usual pies when he spotted Gazza from across Stockton Market, got a photo taken with the former midfielder and had a chat with the Geordie icon. 

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Now, more than a week on from the chance encounter, John has created a pie that he believes encapsulates Gazza and his exploits - or should we say advertising campaigns. 

The Northern Echo: John The Pieman and GazzaJohn The Pieman and Gazza (Image: JUSTLOVEPIES.CO.UK)

After racking his brain of what he could create, the stallholder at Stockton Market initially thought of Magpie and ale as a nod to his former team Newcastle United - but he joked that he couldn't catch any Magpies, so he had to settle on his second choice; Mars bar. 

The unique idea for a pie came after John sifted through photos of Gazza and found pictures of him with bundles of Mars bars around him. 

Speaking through a post online, John has explained his thought process behind the new pie. 

The Northern Echo: The Mars Bar pies inspired by GazzaThe Mars Bar pies inspired by Gazza (Image: JUSTLOVEPIES.CO.UK)

He said: "I met Paul Gascoigne last Saturday - it was quite an occasion meeting the most celebrated English footballer of all time, so I thought I'd create a pie dedicated to his honour.

"Unfortunately, I was a little bit stumped. So I asked the question, and there were quite a few responses. One particularly good one was a Magpie and Ale Pie. Quite apt.

"Newcastle United are known as the Magpies and Gazza was renowned for enjoying a pint of Ale. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my catapult or any magpies.

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"So I googled it and found a photo with him holding a bunch of Mars Bars. Clearly, he's a fan of this delicious chocolate delight, so I made a Mars Bar Pie in honour of Paul Gascoigne.

"At the end of the day, who doesn't love Gazza and who doesn't love a Mars Bar."

So there we have it, there is now a pie inspired by Paul Gascoigne at Stockton Market; a Mars Bar pie.