A woman who dropped a cigarette butt on the ground has been landed with a hefty bill after failing to pay a fine.

Barbara Hocking was seen discarding the tab end onto the ground outside Consett Bus Station by council neighbourhood wardens.

The 57-year-old was given a £150 fine for littering but failed to pay.

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The case was sent to court where magistrates found her guilty, and she was ordered to pay a total of £438 in fines and costs.

Hocking, of Durham Road in Consett, also now has a criminal record to her name.

Durham County Council neighbourhood wardens warned they will take action against anyone seen littering.

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In a statement they said: “We will take action towards anyone seen to deposit litter, including cigarettes, on the ground as there simply is no excuse.

“We encourage everyone to keep hold of any litter until you come to closest bin or you could find yourself being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or court action.

“If you have an area that has problems with litter, report to us by visiting www.durham.gov.uk/litter or by calling 03000 260000.”