A police officer who tried to form a relationship with the vulnerable victim of an alleged domestic abuse case is facing a gross misconduct hearing.

Sergeant Michael Wilson sent the woman a number of inappropriate messages despite an earlier warning about his behaviour towards female colleagues at Cleveland Police.

An independent panel heard how he offered to show the woman a ‘good time’ if she agreed to meet up with him outside of work.

The ex-officer refused to attend the independent disciplinary hearing, as did the woman involved in the case and her former partner whose initial complaint started the investigation.

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The 20-year-veteran tried to persuade the woman to meet him for coffee or go for a walk the day police arrested her partner following allegations of domestic abuse in September last year.

Detective Constable David Cook, who carried out the investigation, told the panel members that the woman blocked the officer’s number when he sent her messages on Instagram after telling her how he already followed her account.

He said she instigated contact with the ex-officer the following month after a colleague visited her home while she was out and she wanted to know why they had attempted to contact her.

DC Cook said the woman believed that Mr Wilson had taken advantage of her situation and felt uneasy about him messaging her.

After dealing with her inquiry, he then took the opportunity to try his luck again when he sent a message saying - “Are you still wanting to meet up?”.

Other messages included: • “What’s the worst thing that can happen to other than you have a good laugh.”

• “Morning, I'm happy to meet up and have a walk, have a drink or coffee and if you want to meet up again then great. There's no expectation from me.”

Mark Ley-Morgan, representing the police force, said that a year-and-a-half prior, on February 21, 2021, the officer had been "warned" about his behaviour with colleagues. He was provided with a copy of both the NPCC and the Cleveland Police guidance/policy on maintaining professional boundaries.

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PC Oliver Harker, who attended the initial report of domestic violence, told the panel that he had contacted his former boss for advice before Wilson sent him an unsolicited screenshot of the woman’s Instagram account.

He said: “I was a bit uncomfortable with him sending me the photograph on my personal phone.”

The officer said the man who was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault made a complaint about Mr Wilson contacting her ex-partner on the day he was told he was no longer facing investigation.

The hearing continues.