Ongoing development on a popular North Yorkshire seafront has been halted following a mixed reception to the plans.

Cllr Carl Quartermain, cabinet member for Highways and Transport at Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council (RCBC), has confirmed today (October 10) that works on the Marine Parade promenade in Saltburn have been stopped.

He said he decided to pause the plans after more than 1,800 mixed replies to the project and wanted a clearer view from residents.

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Cllr Quartermain said: “When I stepped into the role of Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport, I was handed the completed plan of the Saltburn Masterplan to sign off on, as well as the Marine Parade Transport Plan.

"I was happy to approve these plans, subject to a period of final comments which I extended up to the 29th of September.

“Subsequently, I have poured over the 1800+ replies and decided to hit pause over the changes to Marine Parade because this was where most of the targeted comments were about, and the views were mixed.

“So, I’m hitting the brakes until we’re crystal clear. I want a clearer view from the residents and business owners of Saltburn, as to whether they are behind this plan.

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"Then, once I have the data back, I will decide how we move forward based on what we’ve learned.”

Gemma Booth, 36, an organiser for activist group Saltburn Against Promenade Changes, said she was delighted the council will now be holding a consultation period.

She said: "There will be a full consultation with a 'yes or no' vote and the people of Saltburn will be listened to, which is all we wanted.

"We just wanted to be heard as residents and it appears as if they have listened and are going to let us have our say.

"[It's] brilliant and all we could have asked for.

"The prom is just such an important part of our town, it's somewhere absolutely everyone can come and get along together.

"We are absolutely over the moon, this is what we wanted, it's all we fought for. We really couldn't be happier."

The group have held events campaigning for the plans to be reconsidered and get the council to consult with residents further on the issue.

They also launched a GoFundMe to support this effort, which had already seen the group spend £1,000, with raised funds being used for covenant requests, printing, and renting a space for a public meeting.

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Ms Booth added the openness of the promenade provides a social hub for the town's residents and is a great place for older people to socialise.

She said she believes the area should be protected under conservation status due to its Victorian heritage.

The group are also advocating for the restoration of the guarding rails surrounding the promenade which have fallen into a state of disrepair.