Numerous County Durham businesses have been shamed by the council after 'on the spot' checks were carried out to venues across the region and 152 enforcement notices were handed out. 

Over the last couple of months, enforcement officers have been visiting businesses across County Durham, including shops, food premises, pubs and professional businesses to ensure they are correctly getting rid of rubbish and other waste. 

After visiting 566 businesses to check this was being carried out, Durham County Council's warden teams have said that 152 enforcement notices have been handed out. 

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Alongside a post that Durham County Council issued online earlier this week, they also shared several images of some businesses that fell short of the mark, which included boxes, plastic and rubbish piled up next to bins behind venues. 

The Northern Echo: Bags, plastic and boxes piled up outside a business in County DurhamBags, plastic and boxes piled up outside a business in County Durham (Image: DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL)

In another image, overflowing bins can be seen, which resulted in another enforcement notice issued by the businesses. 

The Northern Echo: Overflowing bins were also found in alleyways and behind venues in County DurhamOverflowing bins were also found in alleyways and behind venues in County Durham (Image: DURHAM COUNTY COUNCIL)

While it's unknown which businesses were issued with notices at this stage, 152 were handed out and the council's warden team has issued a warning to all other businesses that could be visited at any time about disposing of rubbish.

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They said: "During August, our Neighbourhood Wardens visited 566 businesses across the county checking that they had waste contracts in place and were storing waste correctly prior to collection.

"Most were operating correctly and responsibly - however, some were not resulting in 152 enforcement notices being issued.

"All businesses, large or small, should have correct waste disposal operations in place and be able to provide evidence of this if requested."

Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Climate Change Councillor Mark Wilkes commented exclusively to the Northern Echo,

"We are determined to do all we can to tackle environmental crimes like these to keep our communities clean.

"Our stronger approach has seen over 1000 yards cleared of waste, flytipping cut by nearly 40% and fines rise 1400%.

"Our action against businesses breaking the law is another part of our comprehensive program and more is planned across the county."