Residents have faced months of issues after enduring drug dealing in plain sight of a school, violence and disorder at a 'house from hell' on their estate. 

People living on Petch Close in Newport, Middlesbrough, have complained of people shouting and knocking on their doors by drug users, sleepless nights and not allowing children to play outside due to fear it could be unsafe in the neighbourhood. 

Since July 2023, there have been 31 reports of drug dealing, violence, nuisance and disorder at the address.

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The housing agency, Thirteen Group, has issued warning notices to the occupants and there have been arrests made after officers attended reports of violence in the street.

Drug warrants were carried out at the address in July and September, where evidence of drug abuse was found by officers but no drugs were recovered.

Despite the sleepless nights and constant problems, residents have now forced Cleveland Police and Middlesbrough Council to take action and close the property.

The Northern Echo: Petch Close in MiddlesbroughPetch Close in Middlesbrough (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team officers supported by Middlesbrough Council, Thirteen Group and local residents put forward the application at Teesside Magistrates Court, where it was granted that the property would be closed for three months.

Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Team Sergeant John Sproson said: “This closure order is a success for local residents, who may now be able to live with some peace and not in fear of leaving their own homes.

“It is unacceptable that people behave in a way which affects others’ lives in such a huge way and it won’t be tolerated by us or our colleagues in the council and Thirteen Group.

The Northern Echo: A police officer puts up a closure order on the Middlesbrough property A police officer puts up a closure order on the Middlesbrough property (Image: CLEVELAND POLICE)

“This closure order will prevent further nuisance, disorder and criminality at the address and prevent any further escalation of violence.”

Middlesbrough Mayor Chris Cooke, the Executive Member for Adult Social Care & Public Health, has put out a warning to those who are in similar situations that other properties around Middlesbrough will be closed if drug dealing, violence and disorder are found.

He said: "With the support of our residents we'll continue to stand alongside the police as they battle crime and antisocial behaviour.

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"This closure is a fantastic example of teamwork, and I'd like to pay tribute to the staff at Cleveland Police, Thirteen and our own Middlesbrough Council officers.

"People living close to the property have a right to enjoy their lives without putting up with violence and drug dealing on their doorstep."

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Housing company Thirteen Group have also issued a warning to those who use their homes for criminal activity.

David Ripley, Thirteen’s executive director of customer services, added: "We realise the problems that crime and anti-social behaviour can cause for residents and our communities, and we will not tolerate our homes being used for any criminal and or anti-social behaviour.

"We're pleased that the Courts have granted the closure order as a direct result of the action that we have taken in partnership with Cleveland Police and Middlesbrough Council, which will provide relief to the local community.”