The RSPCA has sent out an appeal after one of their most loveable dogs has been left at their adoption centre for nearly two years after bing rescued from an illegal hunting operation. 

Gabe, a three-year-old dog, has been at Felledge Animal Centre in Chester-Moor, County Durham for most of his life.

Despite his friendly and happy personality, Gabe has not been able to find the right home for him, and his story is now being showcased as part of Adoptober, which celebrates the wonder of rescue pets. 

As part of the campaign, the RSPCA is highlighting the many animals waiting to find their perfect match this month.

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The Northern Echo: Gabe, who has been in RSPCA care for nearly two years.

Luka Atkinson, deputy centre manager at Felledge Animal Centre, said that Gabe is "a bigger dog and quite strong on the lead", which might be why he is struggling to find a home, but urged people to give the "giant goofball" a chance.

"He is the friendliest, most loveable giant and he loves to play with other dogs. He’s a really happy chappy - you can see how soft he is just by looking at his face - we really want to see him find his forever home!”

Gabe has been in RSPCA care since November 17, 2021, and the staff at Felledge Animal Centre are hoping that Adoptober will increase his chances of finding a loving family.

He was rescued as part of a group of hunting dogs that were involved in an RSPCA investigation- - but despite his rough start in life, Gabe has been working hard with the RSPCA team, and "make a loving addition to a family home". 

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The Northern Echo:

As part of the Adoptober campaign, the RSPCA is highlighting the many animals waiting to find their perfect match. 

“We don’t want people to be put off by the fact he was rescued as part of a group of hunting dogs,” Luka continued.

“Gabe is only three years old now and we’ve had him for nearly two years, so he was really still a puppy when we got him. He’s a real character - he is so friendly and happy and loves nothing more than to play with other dogs.”

Gabe is looking for calm, patient, and knowledgeable adopters who can show him the outside world slowly at his own pace and understand he has lived a sheltered life previously.

“Gabe has been used to living as part of a pack in his previous life, so he is used to being with other dogs.

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"He gets on so well with all the dogs at our centre so we feel Gabe would be happy to live with another large, calm but playful dog who can bounce around with him and introduce him to life in a home," Luka added. 

"Gabe has lived in a rural area away from the hustle and bustle of everyday sights and sounds so he is quite unfamiliar with the everyday things we’re all used to seeing.

"But he is not a nervous boy, and Gabe loves to learn and experience new things - he was filled with awe and excitement when he saw a TV for the first time! He just needs someone to take time to show him all these new things."