A County Durham and North Yorkshire location have both been listed as two of the worst areas for internet coverage and speeds in the whole of the UK. 

As part of an analysis carried out by comparison site Broadband Genie, over 265,000 people across the UK were reviewed by how efficient and quick their internet was. 

Within the data, Broadband Genie found that Ripon in North Yorkshire was second worst in the UK, while Durham City came in tenth position. 

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Ripon, which the data says struggles from an issue of being relatively remote, gets internet speeds of 39.9Mb; a lot slower than the national average of 69.4Mb.

Meanwhile, Durham also falls short of the mark, with internet speeds of just 49.9Mb.

And from the data, it seems like those from both locations already knew the internet speeds are slow. 

Speaking to one resident in Ripon, it was highlighted that the internet was "unbelievably slow" anywhere outside of the city centre of Ripon.

The Northern Echo: A broadband wireless routerA broadband wireless router (Image: PA MEDIA)

The person said: "It's no surprise Ripon has come near the time- the internet has always been slow on both wi-fi and 4G too. It's terrible anywhere other than the city centre. If you live in Ripon - prepare for the internet to take an age."

These comments were almost mirrored by people living in Durham City, with one person saying: "Durham is so much slower for internet than you think. To say it has a university that has students that need internet and so many that need it for work, it's terrible."

The analysis revealed that 32 cities across the UK fall below the 69.4Mb average speed recorded by Ofcom.

This could be the result of poor or faulty infrastructure, a lack of awareness from consumers on speeds available in their area, or an unwillingness to pay to upgrade. 

The Northern Echo: Ripon and Durham were listed as two of the UK's worst for internetRipon and Durham were listed as two of the UK's worst for internet (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Broadband Genie is advising households to use a speed test to check their broadband performance is up to scratch.

If it is not delivering the speeds you are paying for, it is time to take action.

Alex Tofts, broadband expert at Broadband Genie, said: “No broadband customer should accept a sub-par service, least of all in a year when we have seen record price increases in the industry. 

“Most of Britain’s biggest providers sign up to Ofcom’s Broadband Speeds Code of Practice. This means they have to be clear about the speeds you should expect at your address, including a guaranteed minimum they must keep above.

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“Speed tests are a useful tool for regularly monitoring the performance you are receiving. If they are falling short of what has been promised, contact your provider and raise the issue. 

“It’s worth bearing in mind that poor broadband speeds can also be influenced by factors outside of your provider’s control, so make sure you check these first.

"Poor home wiring or a poorly positioned or faulty router could be dragging your Wi-Fi down. 

“Residents in the slowest towns and cities may also be suffering unnecessarily, with faster speeds available in their area if they switch.

"If you are out of contract and looking to upgrade your broadband, do a quick comparison online to see the best deals on offer. You may even end up paying less for a better and faster service.”