A community has been left bereft after a local landmark was devastatingly and "deliberately" felled overnight. 

The sycamore tree at Sycamore Gap, in Northumberland, was widely considered to be one of the "most iconic trees in the UK", but it has come down overnight, with authorities believing that the damage may be deliberate. 

The Sycamore Gap tree which stood tall next to Hadrian's Wall near Crag Lough in Northumberland, is standing no more, pictures from the scene show.

The Northern Echo: The tree at Sycamore Gap which has been 'deliberately felled'

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The community has reacted in horror to the suspected vandalistic felling, saying they have been left "gutted", "devastated", and "heartbroken". 

One person said: "I’m beyond words, feel sick to the pit of my stomach. Who on earth would do this? Disgusted just doesn’t cover the depth of my feelings."

Another said: "The news about the tree at Sycamore Gap being cut down overnight has hit me like a punch in the guts. An obscene act of vandalism."

North East Tweets shared a poem about the felling, entitled "The Tree, Our Tree": 

"Those who cut down the Sycamore Gap tree,

"Have committed an act of great cruelty.

"They have shown no regard for nature's grace,

"And left a scar upon this sacred place. Let those who cut down the sycamore tree,

"Beware the wrath of nature, wild and free.

"For their evil deed will not be forgotten."

Hexham MP Guy Opperman said: "Sadly, it is true that the iconic tree at Sycamore Gap has been deliberately cut down overnight. 

The Northern Echo: The tree at Sycamore Gap which has been 'deliberately felled'

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"Too early to speculate who did it, but this is criminal damage and an attack on one of the nation's most famous trees. I was here only ten days ago: everyone is in shock. 

"Police are very much involved and I am liaising here on the Wall with Northumberland National Park. 

"This was not an act by any of the official organisations who are responsible for Hadrian's Wall, the World Heritage sites of the national park, who are all devastated."

Kim McGuinness, the Police and Crime Commissioner and candidate for North East mayor, also commented: "I am devastated that the famous sycamore is gone. 

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"I am incandescent that this looks like a deliberate act of vandalism. The tree was ours. An iconic North East landmark. 

"Northumbria Police are at the scene and I'll be raising this personally."

Since the devastating damage, Northumbria Police have confirmed that they have launched a full investigation, with officers carrying out a range of enquiries to establish whether criminal offences have been committed.