A man “lost self-control” when he returned home to find a number of young people had been invited to the property for a party, without his knowledge, a court heard.

Ireneusz Porebski had been out with his wife and flew into a rage when they got home to unexpectedly find several children and teenagers present, at 8.10pm on Saturday December 17, last year.

Durham Crown Court was told that a young witness present said that without saying anything, Porebski went up to one of those present and kicked him in the face as he sat on a sofa.

Martin Towers, prosecuting, said that, “created panic” among others in the room, as the defendant landed another two kicks on the same child, aged 12 at the time, who believes he lost consciousness.

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Porebski then pushed a 15-year-old female onto the sofa and punched her to the left temple, saying: “You’se are all getting killed.”

Mr Towers said Porebski locked the door, “effectively trapping them in the house”, and turned on a 15-year-old boy, punching him to both sides of his head, up to 15 times.

The victim was so fearful that he kicked his way through the door to escape the house.

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Poresbki’s next victim was a 14-year-old boy who had been upstairs but came down after hearing shouting.

He was later to say that he was too drunk to remember what the defendant was saying to him but did recall being thrown into a door frame to the living room, causing a nose bleed and a cut to the face.

Mr Towers told the court that although the 14-year-old made no reference to being further assaulted, others present said they saw Porebski punching him.

The teenager then left the house with Poresbski in pursuit, and fled to a friend’s house for sanctuary, before he went hospital for his injuries to be treated the following day.

Victim statements read to the court outlined the injuries suffered including a soft tissue gash inside the mouth and cut to the lip, for the 12-year-old, who said he was still in a state of shock over the incident.

He recalled the defendant being aggressive to him on an earlier occasion, for which the defendant received a police warning about his behaviour.

Another victim said he had not had time to react before being kicked in the face and spent nine hours in hospital as a result.

He said he would no longer visit other people's houses due to the experience in December, while his mother has sought help for him by way of counselling for trauma.

Porebski, 41, of Fenwick Way, Consett, admitted two counts each of assault causing actual bodily harm and assault by beating.

The court heard the defendant, who was representing himself, was a hard-working engineer who often works 60-plus hours, over six days, per week.

He told the court he had no previous criminality and tries to be fair, but he understands how serious the offending was, which is why he pleaded guilty.

Recorder Tahir Khan KC said the defendant, having no previous criminal convictions against him, came home on the evening of December 17, last year, to find a number of young people at his home without his knowledge or permission, and, "just lost it".

He told Porebski: “It seems to me that seeing what was happening, you completely lost your self-control and behaved in a way that was wholly unnecessary and wrong.”

Recorder Khan said having read the impact statements of three of the victims, there should be restraining orders put in place, “for their protection”.

It means the defendant is forbidden from contacting or approaching them, “without limit of time”.

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The Recorder said the defendant’s early guilty plea and lack of convictions makes the difference in this case as to whether the sentence should be an immediate custody or a suspended sentence.

Passing a 16-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, Recorder Tahir said the defendant still deserves to be punished by way of 240 hours’ unpaid work and he must pay £500 each in compensation to the two most seriously injured young people, plus £100 each to the other two.

Porebski was warned that if he commits any further offences in the next two years, the starting point for the prison sentence would be 16 months.