Police and forensics officers could be seen near a North East cemetery today after a body was found in the area.

Northumbria Police have confirmed they received a report a body was found in a concealed grassy area near Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland at around 6:10pm on Sunday (September 24).

Officers still remain at the scene to carry out enquiries and an investigation has been launched into the incident.

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The Northern Echo:

A police cordon and forensics tent have been erected at the scene as officers conduct their investigation.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: "Shortly before 6.20pm on Sunday (September 24), police received a report of a body being found in a concealed grassy area near to Bishopwearmouth Cemetery in Sunderland.

“Officers remain at the scene to carry out enquiries and an investigation has been launched into the discovery.

The Northern Echo:

“Anyone with any concerns is advised to speak to an officer on duty.”

The Echo spoke to various residents on nearby streets and were told this is unusual for the quiet area.

The body was reportedly found near a small building on the cemetery grounds.

A resident told The Echo the property in the area had been "derelict" for a few years.

They said: "I came past at about 9PM last night and they had the lights on. The house has been derelict for a few years, there could be anything happening in there."

The Northern Echo:

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The Northern Echo:

Forensic officers were still carrying out their work this afternoon as police continue to remain in the area.

Speaking on the discovery, one dogwalker said: "It's normally quite quiet apart from people taking a shortcut or walking their dog."

Here are some pictures from the scene:

The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo: