North East politicians have reacted following the Government's purchase of a Darlington site acting as the Treasury's new headquarters.

Politicians across the North East have reacted with delight after the Government confirmed its purchase of the Brunswick Street site in Darlington last night (September 25) paving the way for the Darlington Economic Campus.

The new site will act as the treasury's second headquarters and house 1,400 civil servants upon completion - slated for 2026.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen said the development will establish the region as a central Government location for decades and provide job opportunities to its brightest talent.

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The Northern Echo:

He said: "The establishment of the Treasury in Darlington has already proved a major success and the move to a permanent base at Brunswick House will firmly cement our area as a central Government location for decades to come.

“Bringing senior civil servants out of London to a modern and forward-looking base in Darlington brings direct economic benefits. It also provides high-quality job opportunities for our brightest local talent, who can bring their expertise to the civil service.

“The issues and opportunities in Darlington are not exclusive to the town - or our region as a whole - and closer ties with communities like ours will only strengthen Government's understanding of these areas and lead to better policies and decision-making for all regions.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Harker, leader of Darlington Borough Council (DBC) said this was "fantastic" for the area and will as a "real boost" to the town's reputation.

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The Northern Echo:

He said: "This is absolutely fantastic news for Darlington!

"We fully support the commitment to the development of a permanent location for Darlington Economic Campus and we look forward to supporting the project as it develops.

"The decision to permanently locate more than 1,400 high quality, civil service jobs is a real boost and adds to our reputation as place to invest and grow.”

The Darlington Economic Campus (DEC) was established in August 2021 and departments moved into Feethams House in June 2022, and currently houses 600 government staff.

The hub will see 1139 roles move to Darlington, with 674 relocated to date

The move of Civil Service roles to Darlington is predicted to generate approximately £30 million per 1,000 roles.

In a post on LinkedIn, Head of Darlington Economic Campus, Beth Russell, said the development proves the Government's commitment to Darlington and the North East.

She said: "650 new civil service jobs in DEC so far, with more to come

"Brilliant people recruited from across the north east, many who never would have thought of working in government before. 

"Great partnerships being forged with local authorities, business and voluntary sector organisations to inform policy development 

"And now more news on our permanent building, demonstrating our commitment to Darlington and the wider region."

The programme is expected to see 22,000 roles move from London to Darlington by 2030.

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Peter Gibson, MP for Darlington, said this confirms Levelling Up is in action across the North East.

He said: "Fantastic to learn that the land for the permanent home for Darlington Economic Campus - delivering hundreds of jobs here has been secured.

"Levelling up in action."