Shocked residents were met with the sight of an armed police presence outside their windows last night.

Armed police could be seen attending the scene on Market Place in Thirsk at around 9:30pm last night.

Residents reported two men being arrested at the scene, as police could be seen outside Watkins-Wright Hairdressing and Beauty in the evening.

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The Northern Echo:

Residents reacted with shock and surprise at the incident and were left questioning why police would descend on the street.

One said: "Well that wasn't what I expected outside my window! SWAT and police just arrested two guys!"

The Northern Echo:

Another resident said: "Anyone know what’s going on?"

Meanwhile, another resident said: "Wondered where they were going, four of them shot off the A19 past mine!

"Overtook my Mrs coming onto A19 Dishforth so travelled!"

The Northern Echo have contated North Yorkshire Police for more information on the incident.

Here are some more pictures from the incident:

The Northern Echo:

The Northern Echo: