A group of emboldened members of a North East Scout group have secured a special general meeting following an ordeal that saw Scouts removed from their building for an extended period of time.

Over 20 members of the Newton Aycliffe Scouts Supporters Association (NASSA) have signed a letter to the committee calling for a special general meeting on October 10 in response to multiple serious financial allegations.

This comes after the 1st Newton Aycliffe Scouts were given 28 days' notice to leave the premises on August 1, for which they claimed they were given "no reason" as to why.

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The Northern Echo: NASSA Scout Hall on Bluebell Way, Newton Aycliffe.NASSA Scout Hall on Bluebell Way, Newton Aycliffe. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Following a peaceful protest organised by Durham County Councillor Neville Jones, backed by Paul Howell MP and members of Great Aycliffe Town Council, the Scouts were able to return to the hall.

However, despite the Scouts returning to the hut, strong allegations preceding the exclusion of the Scouts have emerged, prompting members to organise an extraordinary meeting.

A letter presented to the committee chairman as well as placed on a notice board in the Scout hut on Bluebell Way claims that £20,000 was transferred from the bank account belonging to the charity into the bank account belonging to the Scouts’ social club.

It also alleges that £7,000 was "lost", asking why "insufficient financial controls" were reportedly not in place.

The rest of the letter reads: "We request a full explanation as to why the staff costs for 2022 were in excess of £14,000 and what controls have been put in place to reduce this to an affordable level.

"We request a full explanation from the Management Committee as to their failure to follow the process as set out in paragraph 7 of the constitution with regards to offering the three excluded members a hearing with regards to them being “barred”.

"We ask for all related documentation including minutes and correspondence relating to the above matters to be provided at the meeting.

The Northern Echo: A protest was held on Saturday (September 3) outside Newton Aycliffe Scout Centre on Bluebell Way against the removal of the 1st Newton Aycliffe Scouts from their purpose-built building.A protest was held on Saturday (September 3) outside Newton Aycliffe Scout Centre on Bluebell Way against the removal of the 1st Newton Aycliffe Scouts from their purpose-built building. (Image: Save Our Scouts)

"We give notice that depending upon the information provided we reserve the right to ask additional follow-up questions in relation to the above, along with the right to propose to the meeting any or all of the following: impose additional financial controls, the reinstatement of the terminated individual members or indeed, a vote of no confidence in the Management Committee."

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Former NASSA Committee member Jimmy Kennedy handed the letter to NASSA Chairman Phil Parsley on September 22, and has now spoken on how the treatment of the Scouts has made him feel.

He said: "The whole ordeal has made me feel sick. The kids getting thrown out before is what hurt me.

"We just want to go about this the right way."

NASSA Chairman Phil Parsley declined to comment on the upcoming meeting.