Pictures of the London borough Richmond upon Thames have been displayed in a branch of Greggs in the North Yorkshire town of Richmond after a high-profile blunder from its owners. 

In a humourous twist of fate, several framed images appeared in the branch of the high street food place showing a signpost to London landmarks Tower Bridge and Kew Gardens.

The black-and-white framed photographs, which have now been removed, were mocked by numerous people online after people started to realise the two Richmonds are located more than 240 miles (386km) away from each other.

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Shoppers in the North Yorkshire town, which is the constituency of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, seemed amused by the confusion with its southern counterpart, which lies in the London borough of Richmond upon Thames.

The confusion was spotted on Monday (September 18) by locals who visited the North Yorkshire store after its revamp and noticed the images of the Thames.

One X (Twitter) user said: “Gotta love the corporate idiots @GreggsOfficial for confusing the glorious Richmond, North Yorkshire with the southern imposter that is Richmond , Surrey. Next they will be confusing their sausage rolls with actual food!”

Former Northern Echo editor Peter Barron wrote: “Half-baked...Greggs have managed to confuse Richmond, North Yorkshire, with Richmond upon Thames. It’s only 250 miles away.”

Meanwhile, many people have suggested the issue could be solved by some pictures from Richmond, North Yorkshire, which could be put up in a Greggs in the London borough.

The Northern Echo: One of the photos that was put up in the Richmond, North Yorkshire branchOne of the photos that was put up in the Richmond, North Yorkshire branch (Image: DANNY SAVAGE)

In a series of posts praising North Yorkshire sights including Richmond Castle and Georgian Theatre Royal, one X user added: “Just a thought @GreggsOfficial why not put up pictures of Richmond North Yorkshire in your Richmond upon Thames branch? Spread the love.”

Despite the blunder, it's not all bad news.

Photographer and Richmond resident Mark Denton has offered to give Greggs photos of the correct town - and joked that he'd do it for a slice of free pizza.

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He said: "I've got thousands of pictures of Richmond that I've taken over the years so they're welcome to feature some of mine."

The Northern Echo: Greggs in RichmondGreggs in Richmond (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

"I'm happy to give them the photos for free although if they did want to pay me I'd accept one piece of the pepperoni pizza, as I'm a fan."

Greggs has been contacted for comment.