A TWENTY-ONE-year-old woman has issued a desperate plea for a living kidney donor after the organ she was given by her father failed after 17 years.

Kenzi Quinn, 21, from Sunderland has issued a fresh appeal in her search for a living kidney donor after the lifesaving organ given to her by her father sadly failed after 17 years.

The former bar worker had lived a normal life until January 2023 when the donated kidney failed, leaving her on the transplant list and requiring daily dialysis treatment.

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The Northern Echo: Kenzi Quinn.Kenzi Quinn. (Image: KENZI QUINN)

Kenzi said: "My kidney problems started when I was born, but I wasn't diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease until I was around two-years-old.

"I did peritoneal dialysis for two years until my dad came back as a match for me, so he donated his kidney to me on my fourth birthday - July 27, 2006."

Currently, Kenzi's life sees her getting up at 5am for the "morning shift" of dialysis treatment from 5.30am for four hours a day and is transported to hospital by patient transport.

The Northern Echo: Kenzi receiving dialysis treatment.Kenzi receiving dialysis treatment. (Image: KENZI QUINN)

This has taken a huge toll on her life and her friends and family.

She said: "I am struggling with my mental health due to everything that has happened, as before January 2023 I did live a completely normal life.

"I worked full time in a bar, I was always out with friends and family, going on holiday and just living my life.

The Northern Echo: Young Kenzi and her dad.Young Kenzi and her dad. (Image: KENZI QUINN)

"Since getting dialysis treatment, I have no energy. All I do is sleep and I can't stay up late. I just want my life back."

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However, despite everything she has been through, Kenzi admitted her relatives have been endlessly caring for her.

She added: "I do have the most amazing family and friends, they are so supportive - my boyfriend is too.

"They hate seeing me like this and just want me to be healthy again as soon as possible."

Anyone who would like to find out more information about being a live kidney donor can read NHS guidance here.