Lidl has been crowned the UK’s most popular and cheapest supermarket.

The discount retailer topped YouGov’s list of most popular supermarkets and was named as the cheapest supermarket by The Grocer.

In YouGov’s survey exploring the percentage of shoppers who have a positive opinion of a supermarket chain, Lidl nabbed the number one spot, scoring 79 per cent, placing it ahead of rivals Aldi and M&S.

Meanwhile, The Grocer’s ‘Super Grocer 33’ index, which compares the price of 33 everyday grocery items across the UK’s seven major supermarkets, found Lidl to be better value than others on a range of products, including fresh fruit and veg.

Peter De Roos, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl GB, said: “It’s no surprise that when we’re continually shown to be the cheapest supermarket, we’re also topping popularity polls.

“Our customers, new and old, know that shopping with us doesn’t mean they have to compromise on quality.

“What’s more, they can be assured that we remain committed to keeping our prices low, which we know is more important than ever.” 

The award comes weeks after Which? found Aldi to be the cheapest supermarket in the UK in August.

Each month Which? compare the prices of 37 popular grocery items, including potatoes, chicken and milk, at major supermarkets in the UK.

In August they found that Aldi came in cheapest at £65.21, beating rival Lidl by just £1.32.

The same basket of items at Waitrose came in at £79.51, a 22% increase compared to Aldi.

Asda was the cheapest of the “big four” supermarkets according to Which?, followed by Tesco, Sainsbury’s and then Morrisons.

Which? said: “Our basket of 37 items included Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes, own-brand chicken thighs and full-fat milk.

“Aldi was the cheapest supermarket in August overall: our shop cost £65.21, meaning it pipped its discounter rival Lidl to the post by £1.32.

“The same basket of items at Waitrose would have set you back an average of £79.51 – that's 22% pricier than Aldi, on average.

“When it came to the Big Four supermarkets, our comparison revealed that Asda was the cheapest for our basket, at £71.48.

“We look at the prices of hundreds of grocery items at eight major supermarkets every day throughout the month, using an independent price comparison website.

“For each supermarket, we calculate the average price for each item across the month, before adding those up to get each store’s average price for our basket and trolley of products.

“To keep things fair, we include special offers, but don’t incorporate multibuys or loyalty-scheme discounts into our analysis.”