A man was rescued yesterday (Sunday, September 17) after falling and seriously injuring his ankle whilst out on a walk.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team were called out yesterday afternoon to help the North Yorkshire Police with a patient.

A man had fallen and injured his ankle whilst hiking with others near Castleton, just southeast of Guisborough - a popular and picturesque village to visit for walkers in North Yorkshire

After receiving a request for help from the police, the team at Cleveland Mountain Rescue sprang into action, mobilising a Land Rover and seventeen team members.  

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The Northern Echo: The Mountain Rescue team.

Fortunately, their rescue team's Medical Officer lives close to the site of the incident and was there rapidly to provide casualty care to the injured man. He was quickly joined by another local Team member.

A spokesperson for the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team said: "Shortly after midday on Sunday, September 17, Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team were advised of a request from North Yorkshire Police to go to the assistance of a man who had badly injured his ankle whilst walking with a group near to Castleton, south-east of Guisborough.

"The Team contacted a member of the man’s walking party by telephone to check on his condition and to verify the location, which was established using a combination of a good description from the caller and her use of the ‘OS Locate’ phone app supplemented by the mountain rescue Phone Find system.

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The Northern Echo:

"Team members were directed to the scene with three of them taking a Team Land Rover.

"Fortunately, their Medical Officer lives fairly close to the incident scene and he was soon there to provide casualty care to the injured man, quickly being joined by another local Team member.

"As others arrived, they took a rescue stretcher and other medical equipment from the Land Rover.

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The Northern Echo:

"The medical officer administered pain relief before realigning the man’s ankle and once the injured ankle had been stabilised within a vacuum splint, the casualty was put on the stretcher and carried approximately 150-metres to the roadside and then transferred to a Yorkshire Ambulance Service ambulance for onward treatment in hospital.

"Seventeen Cleveland MRT members were involved in the call-out which lasted for approximately 2-hours plus return travel time back to their Base and homes."